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What we provide with your puppy

Vet Checked.  Puppies will be able to go to their new homes between 7-8 weeks of age.  By this time they will be up to date on their shots, been de-wormed and have had a full check up with our vet.

Puppy Package.  All puppies will go home with their own puppy package.  Including food, treats, toys, a bone and a blanket that smells like mom.

Health Record and Training Tips.  Each puppy goes home with a folder which contains their current health records and personal puppy raising tips and suggestions on potty training.

Health Guarantee.  We keep our dog in pristine health, providing top quality food and routine health care.  We provide a 10 day good health guarantee, and a 1 year genetic health guarantee.

Welcome Home Policy.  If for any reason you are unable to keep your puppy, we will receive them back (without a refund)  We DO NOT want any of our dogs abandoned or going to a shelter.  Please contact us.

Weekly Photos and Updates.  We know it is exciting to become a new puppy parent and waiting seems like forever.  We will update you weekly on your puppies’ progress.  So when you buy a puppy from us we will include weekly pictures and videos so you can see their progress as they grow.

Outstanding Living Environment. Our puppies are raised in our home.  Our style of raising is what sets us apart from the rest.  Our puppies are born in our living room and become center of attention from the moment they enter this world.  Puppies are handled and played with daily.  We spend time holding and talking to them constantly.  Our family loves and cares for them in the most professional way, their environment is always clean and healthy and the amount of social interaction they receive is endless.  This is a lot of work but is very rewarding and uplifting as a family to experience, we believe that all puppies should be given the love and attention to start their life out to be the perfect pet for your home.  The puppies are well socialized and accustomed to the living environment of household noises.

Puppy Pre-Training

Puppy Pre Training!

Training Options

Crate training - $450 (includes wire crate)  *Highly Recommended!

Your puppy will learn to sleep through the night in his crate (minimizing barking and accidents) and to become comfortable with the crate going in and out easily.

Snuggle Puppy - $50 highly recommended as a security for the puppies when they transition from out home to yours.  Snuggle puppies will have our everyday scent along with the scents of the puppies litter mates/mom to make it more comfortable for the puppies when they leave us.

Leash training $300 including leash and collar *Highly Recommended!

Your puppy will get used to the feel of a collar on his neck.  He’ll learn to walk comfortably on a leash.

Please note that it is next to impossible for us to break habits completely by 8 weeks, but we will begin the teaching process.  It is the new owner’s job to reinforce the training once the puppy comes home.  As with all dogs, puppies are not robots and all training must be continually reinforced throughout their life.

Options for Pick-up & Delivery

We offer a few options, depending on where your located on picking up your puppy.  We can meet at the airport and you can take your puppy back on the plane as a carry on, there is a $50 charge to meet at the airport.  Or we can meet half way, anything over 2 hours there will be an extra charge.  And of course your always welcome to come to the house and pick up your puppy. . Pick-up is different for everyone and we try to work with your schedule on the best situation for everyone. 

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