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A little bit about our Journey......

All of our dogs are part of our family, they live in our house and are under our feet where ever we go. Our Journey began when we got Finley(2015), she was top dog and brought so much spark and fun adventures to our family. I had always wanted my children to experience puppies and so we decided we would bred Finley(2017). This experience lead us to the path we are on now as our dog family grows. We decided that we wanted a second dog so Finley had a playmate, this is when we found Bailey(2018) and the two of them become best friends. I was a little leery at first not knowing how they would do together, but the saying two is better then one is true. Finley and Bailey became best buddies and kept each other entertained. Their personalities together are amazing and they are so fun to watch as they have their own language between the two of them.  As I take this journey of becoming a breeder I have learned so much along the way. I have always loved animals and have a special place in my heart for dogs, but to bring happy, healthy puppies into this world is truly amazing. This is an experience that can't be explained. You have to have a heart with finding the joy that comes along with raising puppies. In life you look for experiences that make you whole. Raising puppies has become a passion that I have enjoyed from the first litter we experienced with Finley. From the moment our dogs entered our family we have created such a bond with them. They all have their own personality and keep us very busy. They are truly the reason I get up in the morning, mostly because they wake me up and want to start the day but by far more enjoyable to wake up to instead of the beeping alarm clock.  With our growing dog family we decided that with breeding it would be easier to have our own male stud, I started looking for a miniature poodle that would be a good fit for both Finley and Bailey.  So our family has now grown to 3 with finding Henry (2018), Henry was and is just a little guy. Full of personality and so smart. He took to both Finley and Bailey as if he has always been there. He loves to play, inside our outside if he finds a ball he is definitely bringing it to someone to throw for him.  Then.... Just when we thought our house was full, we received a call of a dog looking for a new home. I thought to myself I must be insane but if I can handle 4 kids, 4 dogs would be fine and why not we have plenty of love to give. I am one that always want to help out and I have a hard time saying no to a dog. So Maggie joined out family.(2019) I fell in love with Maggie the first time I saw her. She is a beautiful dog, well mannered and very laid back. I call her my big Moose, she is the largest of our three Goldendoodles and she thinks she is a lap dog. Maggie is a half sister to Finley and I felt she needed to come be apart of our family and the idea of her being related made it a perfect fit. 

Caring for our dogs and puppies is very time consuming. Everyday life can't be planned, vacations and holidays are interrupted. Events are sometimes missed or I arrive late. As with kids, dogs have there moments and don't always stay on schedule. We all are flexible and work as a team with giving the dogs the love and attention that they need. We have designed and structured our house for our pets. The dogs are a full time job and without the kids help this wouldn't be something that would be very manageable. Everyone plays a part with caring for our dogs. But this is a hobby that we have found as a family to be very rewarding and exhausting at times but something that is so enjoyable.

The process that we have installed with selecting forever homes for our puppies is always changing, we are always finding new ways with making things better. We love meeting all our families with helping them with finding the perfect puppy. We enjoy receiving updates from our families and seeing how the puppies grow, hearing their stories and the names that they choice for the puppies. If we could keep every dog......well that would be crazy! But having puppies is amazing and without the help of our forever families we wouldn't be able to enjoy this experience. 


Ashley with Maggie and Bailey


Ashley with baby Oakley

Thinking of the future with the upcoming retirement of Finley I was thinking about adding another dog to our family. We decided since we already had the  goldendoodles that maybe something different would be good. I have always like the look of the Australian Shepherd and came across one that stole my heart. I decided to add Oakley to the mix. She is a tiny little thing, but amazing the relationship she has with Jamielynn is amazing. She gets so excited and has this language that I can't explain that her and Jamielynn talk that is so adorable. The bond between the two of them is something that isn't found everyday. They are definitely two pees in a pod.  


Doesn't matter if it is late night studying or homework during COVID. Oakley can be found by Jamielynn's side.


Snow day!! Jamielynn dressed Oakley up to take her outside. Oakley is part human when it comes to playing with Jamielynn. She is her little baby. 

Image-1 (1).jpg

Selfies with her baby shark, Jamielynn calls Oakley her baby shark. For Oakley's first birthday Jamielynn had a shark themed party for her. 

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