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Toy Australian Shepherd

Blue Merle

10 lbs

Health Testing

CEA - n/n

CMO - n/n

DM - n/n

NCL8 - n/n

HUU - n/n

CMR1 - n/n

MDR1 - n/m

NCL6 - n/n

PRA/PRCD - n/n



Oakley came to us after we decided that Finley would be retiring soon. I decided to add a new doodle breed to the program and fell in love with Oakley's look and decided that the toy aussiedoodles would become part of our doodle family. Oakley is a 10 pound toy Australian Shepherd she is the perfect fit for our family. She is sweet and has an awesome relationship with my daughter, they have a special bond and language. When Jamielynn is not home Oakley is always searching or waiting by the door or in her room for her to return. 



Just out for a little ride! 


Jamielynn and Oakley are always side by side. She is so small that Jamielynn jokes about taking her to school. They have an amazing bond. 

Oakley is there to help with homework, even on late nights she might fall asleep but is there to support Jamielynn the best she can. 


Ashley and Oakley


Love this babies blue eye (s) Oakley has one blue eye and one eye that is split with the blue.

This combined with her blue merle marking is why I fell in love with her. Plus the fact that she is so little. Can't image life without her. She is so spunky and fun and is always ready for the next adventure. 


When mom says to get your homework done, Oakley covers and gets things done. Oakley was a lifesaver while we were on quarantine with learning from home.

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