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Forever Families

My family and I decided we wanted a Golden doodle puppy.

We were put in touch with Michelle Delarye where we found such a nice home environment where the puppies were being raised.

Michelle and her family cared for the puppies so beautifully. Michelle worked with me over the phone.

We surprised our girls one summer day and drove them to White Pigeon where we met our Beauregard at 4 weeks old.

We went back to White Pigeon when he was 8 weeks. Michelle had him crate trained, partially potty trained and clicker trained.

She provided all the necessary paperwork, vaccination records, food, crate, and a blanket from Beau’s mom with her scent on it!

We had a wonderful experience with delaryedoodles! They provided daily and weekly updates through text, email and Facebook!

Michelle was also there for us after Beau came home if we had any questions.

Beauregard is a wonderful puppy. He is intelligent, loving, calm and adorable! He is an awesome addition to our family!


Niles Family        







Adopted by Carrie and John in Michigan


Thank you so much for the wonderful letter you sent along with the pictures of Hazel.  What a wonderful gift!  We cannot thank you enough.  We’re also so glad that you have decided to continue to breed these wonderful puppies!  Hazel has been such a blessing to us and we love her so much!  

                      “Working with Michelle was such a pleasure!  We visited her home and

                       got to see all the puppies, including Finley, Hazel’s mother.  We found

                       the home environment to be inviting and puppy friendly.  The puppies

                       were both healthy and happy, and were well adjusted to children,

                       which was very important to us.  Michelle was very professional and  

                       took us through our adoption of Hazel step by step.  She has also been

                       a valuable resource both before and after the adoption, and continued

                       to have an interest in our puppy.  We are very fortunate to have worked with her!”




Both Hazel and Sadie are puppies from Finley and Tootsie


                           "Hazel"  born May  2017   

                       little sister Sadie born July 2018

                Adopted by Tracy & Randy in Michigan

Bear-Franklin-Abby Mogg.jpg


Bear's demeanor is just absolutely the sweetest, which we already knew as he fits right in with our family. Thank you for all your advise. He has definitely stolen our hearts and he is just the sweetest guy. We may have broken a big rule but he loves to sleep with us and can sleep through the night.    Update from Abby on Bear at 10 weeks old.

Bear is a puppy from Bailey and Henry

IMG_4940 Abby-Bear-Franklin.PNG

Making Christmas surprises come true. We met Abby early Christmas morning with hopes to surprises her kids with Bear. Jamielynn is always my helper and loves meeting the families when the puppies go home.

IMG_4941murphy-Mary Lou.PNG
IMG_4942 murphy.PNG

Murphy is a beautiful boy, he is a puppy from Maggie and Henry's litter.  It was love at first sight with Mary Lou and Murphy. Mary Lou and Murphy were meant to be together. They have a special story and bond all starting with Murphy's birthdate. They have since become best friends.

Franklin is enjoying life with his new family. He is babied and spoiled with all the love they give him. Franklin is a puppy from Bailey and Henry's litter. 

Stacy and Franklin.jpeg
Linus-Franklin Stacy.jpeg
IMG_4945 Max.PNG
IMG_0466 Max.JPG
IMG_0561 max.JPG
IMG_0488 max.JPG

Max is such a sweet puppy, reminds me of his momma in so many ways. He is a puppy from Maggie and Henry's litter and lives in Ohio. Max loves to fall asleep on labs, stretching in the sunny spots in the grass and his yellow duck is his favorite toy. He was a quick learning and picked right up on his basic command of sit, down, touch, shake and turn and is working on stay and leave it. He is a very loving a happy puppy.

IMG_0524 max with duck.JPG
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