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A healthy puppy is a happy puppy 

  • Advanced Nutrition

  • Crafted with Care

  • Abundant Go Power

happy*healthy*go power

Put your pet on a path for a better life, your pet can enjoy a longer, healthier and happier lifetime.  A solid nutritional foundation makes a profound difference in your pet's long term health.  Life's Abundance uses only wholesome ingredients, that never contains corn or corn gluten, wheat or wheat gluten or artificial flavors or colors.  Freshness matters and at Life's Abundance food is produced in small batches and shipped to your house, fresh!  Avoiding the use of a shelf life.  Order your food by clicking on the bag below.  Remember to set up your orders as auto ship and never worry about running out of food. 

Puppy from Finley and Tootsie's litter

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