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F1 Miniature Goldendoodle

23 lbs

Health Testing

DM - n/n

IC - n/m

NES - n/n

PRA type 1 & 2 - n/n

PRA/PRCD - n/n

VWF type 1&2 - n/n

Finley is full of personality.  She talks to us in a sense that we know what she is saying.  She is often found napping or playing with Henry or Bailey or in the kitchen looking for snacks.

Meet Finley


Finley was our first puppy.  She is queen of the house and keeps us laughing with her personality and dog sense of humor.  She loves everything about being a dog and of all of our pets she is the one that actually talks to us.  You can actually ask her questions and she will respond with different barks and sound.  Of course we never mention going on a "WALK" unless we are actually going.  She picks up on this word and runs around so excited.  Finley is an excellent mom, she is very nurturing and protective of her puppies.  She is a blonde goldendoodle and her puppies have been an array of beautiful colors from blonde, apricot, reds and parti colors.  Finley gets along with all the other dogs. She is often found napping or playing with Maggie, Henry or Bailey.  When not playing and sleeping you will find her in the kitchen with Michelle waiting for a snack as she prepares food for Dinner. Finley has been retired, we will miss the beautiful babies she has had but feel her time is due to live life in retirement and lounge on the couch. 


Previous Puppies

Group paisley, harvey, maizy,
three weeks group - 2.JPG
Girls 3 weeks old 2-27-19 Finley-Tootsie
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