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F1b Mini Goldendoodle

15 lbs

Health Testing

DM - n/n

IC - n/n

NES - n/n

PRA type 1 & 2 - n/n

PRA/PRCD - n/n

VWF type - n/n


Meet Phoebe and the Hollingsworth Family

Phoebe is our first dog to be in a guardian home. Her family is wonderful and she is a spoiled princesses. Phoebe is the daughter of Finley.  Phoebe has had two beautiful litters and is now retired and living the best life with the Hollingsworth Family


How the guardian family came about.  2019 Finley had puppies. As always I fall in love with the puppies, with this litter I had the idea of keeping a puppy. With a house full of kids and dogs I was just not ready to take on another dog. I had a very close family that had recently lost their dog and a puppy for them would bring so much joy. I have thought about the future and the idea of not having puppies make me sad, so the idea of starting a guardian program which allows families the opportunity to have one of our puppies and the chance for me to continue breeding was a win win situation. So I decided to ask Angel Hollingsworth if she would like to be my first guardian home and her thought and feed back with making this program successful from the guardian home viewpoint. We talked about my expectations for her as a guardian home and asked if she would like to be my first on giving the guardian home a trial run to see if this was the direction I wanted to go with breeding. Truthfully I think when I asked if she wanted a puppy, she immediately said yes and was excited about having a puppy. So from that moment Phoebe became a part of the Hollingsworth family. The Hollingsworth family has given Phoebe the best home. She is spoiled beyond belief. She is definitely the queen of the house and has them very well trained. Phoebe keeps everyone in the house busy, whether it be asking Angel to go for a car ride, or hanging out with Kipp in the yard with the chickens, ruff housing with Austin or snuggling with Todd she has stolen all their hearts.   

Our story continues as Phoebe had her first litter of puppies in January. This program has worked amazing for both families, but lets be honest we all fall in love with the puppies. They are a lot of work and when it comes time to say goodbye to them as they find their new homes we all feel a little sad, but so grateful for the families we meet through this process with placing them in wonderful homes. We are thankful to our families with all the updates they send us and keeps us up to date with pictures as the puppies grow.  Guardian Homes are not ideal for everyone but in this situation it was 100% the right decision. I have benefited from this experience as a breeder with watching first hand one of my puppies grown from birth until now. It has given me the insight and direction I needed with growing as a breeder with helping families receive a puppy as they help me with continuing my journey with raising healthy and happy dogs. From time to time we will continue to add to our guardian home program, if you are interested in more information on how you can become a guardian home for one of our puppy send me an email. My email is Also please fill out the puppy application so we can get to know you and your family.


Previous Puppies

Proud Mama.jpg
Phoebe and Puppies.jpg

Meet Fauci he is living a great life in Florida. He is a puppy from Phoebe and Henry.

Diane Dixon's Crew.jpg

This is our southern bell Little Miss Lexi Joan, she is a spit fire version of her mom and has stolen the heart of Diane in Virginia. She is a puppy from Phoebe and Henry and currently weighs 15 lbs.

Maddie( Mike Peterson).jpg

Meet Maddie, she is a sweet heart. She looks like her grandma  Finley (Phoebe's mom) Maddie lives in Illinois and weighs about 12 lbs. She is a puppy from Phoebe and Henry.


Karley is a puppy from Phoebe and Henry, she has stayed true to her color with keeping her white paws and white chest. She lives a good life with her family in Ohio. 100% loved and spoiled at all times. 

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